Terms & Conditions

Quality Warranty:
Victe International , offers quality Warranty for stipulated periods on its product. Free replacement is offered in case of any manufacturing defect or fault, though there are almost nil chances of such happening.

How to Order:
Please select the Product’s Model number you want to order from our website and e-mail us for quotations. We'll respond your inquiries within 24 hours. For custom or special products kindly send us original samples at our address via air courier or technical drawing / sketch via email in response we send you counter samples and on quality satisfaction we will precede with order quantities.  

We carry out all the necessary tests, inspections and process control activities to ensure that there is no problem with the products. We will also give the technical specifications to improve the confidence of the customer.

Reliability :
We give our customer the guarantee that there our Products are reliable in use even after using it up till extended period of time. Our Products will perform their function efficiently more than any other product of similar nature in the market. Where our Products are made are made? All the Products are made in our own facility by the workers who are best in their workmanship, and commitment.

Sample Ordering:
All sample orders are being charged in advance for total value including Shipping & Handling charges. As per the Quality of our products, which will guaranteed win your satisfaction, We can offer you a good discount on your placed order.

The discount will be offer more upon bigger order. Sample will be like free on your very first ordering product, because of batter discount offered.

Quantity Packing:
Any volume / size order is acceptable. As per customer demands.

Payment Terms:
Unless otherwise agreed with the buyer at the time of purchase all payments are required in when the order is placed. New buyers will always be required to pay with first order. All account holders are required to settle their account as agreed. Farjmand International reserves the right to suspend credit facilities and further supply. 

We operate comprehensive complaint handling procedures and will try to resolve disputes when they first arise; please let us know if you have any complaints or comments.